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International Precious Metals Corporation Marcos Phillips McDouger, Nevada

International Precious Metals Corporation Marcos Phillips McDouger, Nevada

After bucking the market the day before yesteInternational Precious Metals Corporation Marcos Phillips McDouger, Nevadarday, Shanghai gold continued to rise yesterday. The main 1112 contract opened at 392.06 yuan per gram in early trading, and maintained a high consolidation in the morning. The trend strengthened in the afternoon and closed at 395.25 yuan per gram, up 1.55%, approaching 400 yuan. Integer mark.

Degussa's CEO Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach also said that as the price of gold in euros rose to the highest level in 21 months, in the case of strong physical purchases, many people also choose to sell for profit.

FX168 Financial News Agency (Hong Kong) reported on Friday (January 13) Asian market intraday gold continued its bearish momentum and bears a new round of selling pressure. The weak performance of the trade account data dashed hopes of gold's recent rebound. Gold tests the 1190 mark. The current gold fell 0.67% to an intraday low near 1190, a sharp retracement from the 7-week high of 1207.05 reached in the previous day. The Asian gold market was hit, and the less-than-expected import and export data rekindled concerns about the demand for gold. It is currently the world's number one gold consumer. On the other hand, the dollar rebounded across the board to further increase gold's downside action. A stronger dollar will make gold more expensive for buyers who hold other currencies. The current market focus is shifting to the US retail sales data and producer price index (PPI) planned to be released later in the day, trying to estimate the level of inflation under Donald Trump's administration.

FX168 News This week the gold market finally picked up, and there was a significant rise in European time on Tuesday (May 12). Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi) analyst Jonathan Butler said: From the data point of view, since the central bank's first interest rate cut in November last year, to the end of April, consumer spending on gold retail increased by 64%. Butler said: While investors are looking for returns, futures positions may increase. At the beginning of this week, the market's gold price premium was less than $1.2 per ounce, and the trading volume of the Gold Exchange (SGE) was stable. In addition, data from London showed that stocks of gold in London declined last week, with a net outflow of 100 tons.

However, in the long term, most institutions are still optimistic about the gold market outlook. Richard OBrien, CEO of NewmontMiningCorp, predicts that the price of gold may climb to US$2,500 per ounce in the next three years because central banks buy to hedge against inflation.

The latest data releasInternational Precious Metals Corporation Marcos Phillips McDouger, Nevadaed by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) showed that in the week before May 1, the price of gold rose significantly due to the news that central banks continued to loosen their policies. Last week, the New York gold futures price rose 0.7% to $1,464.20 an ounce, and the S&P Goldman Sachs Spot Commodity Index, which tracks 24 commodities, rose 1.4%.