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Wheaton Precious Metals Market

Wheaton Precious Metals Market

Defisaver, an automatic management system for mortgage positions (CDP), has officially launched the V2 version of automation function, which optimizes the transaction process and reduces transaction steps and transaction costs by integrating flashloan. The lightning loan function has been tested since March. After enough testing stage, the official said that they are finally confident that it will be integrated into automation v2. In addition,Wheaton Precious Metals Market defisaver also optimizes the mechanism to obtain the latest price from the oracle of makerdao protocol, so as to better deal with the scenario of price collapse. Defisaver will obtain the next price from the nodes of Ethereum in the form of a read call and provide it to the smart contract of automation function, and the mechanism will be further optimized in the future. After this upgrade,

The asset bridge boringdaooringdao connects the infrastructure of blockchain assets and the defi world, and the bridge between Ethereum and other blockchain assets, providing opportunities for non erc20 assets to maximize their utility and revenue generation. It will have a proprietary cast tunnel that runs in the form of Dao and performs bidirectional mapping between blockchain assets and erc20 tokens. Boringdaobor view more with the new type of defi insurance project coverprotocolcoverprotocolcoverprotocol, which was formerly YieldFarming.Insure , is introducing a new type of insurance mining to encourage miners to buy bunkers of their mortgaged assets and mortgage ynft on the platform, and risk takers will receive $safe in return. Safeyieldfarmingcovercoverview more cooperation has been reached. Cover has been launched online boringdao and bitcoin anchor currency OBTC insurance policies and policy mining. Users can purchase insurance options of claim and noclaim on balancer to further enhance the asset security of OBTC. Boringdao said that as the first asset bridge project to provide insurance for underlying assets, it hopes to provide users with more secure bitcoin anchor assets and build a bitcoinfi world through the LEGO portfolio between defi.

The algorithmic stable currency protocol baseprotocol has been launched in the automated market maker platform moonispmoonismapmoonisswap, which is an aggregation trading tool. It allows users to easily switch between tokens in an unmanaged way. At the same time, liquidity providers can also obtain passive income from transaction costs. Moonisswap is a new generation of automatic market makers with virtual balances. Liquidity providers can obtain the profits that arbitrage makers could have obtained. With moonisswap, 1inch plans to reduce the short-term losses of liquidity providers by introducing a 5-minute delay to reduce the profit margin of arbitrageurs. By delaying price renewal, market makers will create a highly competitive environment for arbitrageurs, forcing them to trade at a lower profit price, which in turn will increase the value of liquidity providers. 1inch estimates that moonisswap will generate 50-200% more revenue for liquidity providers than uniswapv2. Moonisswap will charge a 0.3% swap fee initially, which can be reduced to 0% later. In addition, moonisswap also introduces the weighted average price prediction machine of transaction volume on the chain, which will be difficult to be manipulated by malicious participants. Moonisswap view more on the creation of the base / usdc liquidity pool,

ACALA network announced the launch of Mandala test network, which will help users and developers to understand network functions in advance and give priority to the experience of cross chain multi asset defi under ACALA network governance in a risk-free environment. ACALA will carry out product optimization and iterative upgrading of the test network in the later stage. The mandala test network will have the following functions after it is launched: create, update and manage mortgage ausd loans, support the test of dot and BTC as collateral, and process the auction module of clearing assets. It is implemented by simple oracle. Through simple linear intelligent algorithm, it takes the middle value of node number to allow up to K servers that are attacked or down, and the built-in exchange supports ausd, Real time exchange between ACA and other supported tokens. ACALA network focuses on application management in the field of defi, especially those applications that open up the infrastructure of finance, such as stable currency and increasing liquidity. The stable currency issued by ACALA, asusd, is a multi collateral cryptocurrency with a fixed exchange rate of 1:1. According to, acalanetwork focuses on application management in the field of defi, especially those applications that open up the infrastructure of finance, such as stable currency and increasing liquidity. ACALA's stable currency, asusd, is a multi collateral cryptocurrency with a 1:1 fixed exchange rate of the US dollar.

Makerdao announced the details of the MKR debt auction, which will start at 6:25 a.m. Eastern time on March 19 (10:25 a.m. world standard time) on March 19, which is open to anyone. Participants must run the auctionkeeper open source software to participate in the auction. The process of this auction is that the first MKR auction price starts from 200 Dai,

The uniswap development team believes that without social change, equity, and opportunity will not happen. Unisocks is an experimental project initiated by uniswap in May 2019. The main purpose of this project is to explore the possibility of realizing token sales of physical goods based on automatic market making curve. Dynamic pricing is based on joint curve, and 500 socks tokens are issued to represent 500 pairs of unisocks brand socks. The main goal of the project is to demonstrateWheaton Precious Metals Market the application potential of uniswap in selling physical goods.