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Standard & Poor's stated in a report on the 18th that as the U.S. will use ways to solve its huge budget deficit and increasing government debt and other issues are still unclear, the outlook for the U.S. govePrecious metals trading softwarernment credit rating is downgraded to negative. The possibility that the US AAA rating will be downgraded.

Obama's speech temporarily eased the market's risk aversion, but this will not affect the medium and long-term upward trend of gold and silver prices, because the factors that support the bull market in precious metals have not changed. On July 20, Ding Hong, President of Golden Valley Investment Management Co., Ltd., still supported the price of gold and silver.

When President Nixon lifted the link between the U.S. dollar and gold, he and the subsequent U.S. government promoted the U.S. dollar as the only real currency, and other paper currencies followed the same path. Before that, returning to the ancient civilization period thousands of years ago, people only accepted gold. At that time, gold was the real currency, accompanied by a note indicating the value of gold attached to the gold. It is this connection that makes it (notes for notes) currency.

2. Data released by the US Department of Commerce (CommerceDepartment) on Tuesday showed that after seasonal adjustments, US wholesale inventories in March increased by 1.1% to $442.92 billion, an expected increase of 1.0%. Wholesale sales for the month increased by 2.9% to US$392.01 billion, which is expected to increase by 1.4%.

Judging from the performance of the gold market in the second quarter, the overall operation remained stable. On the one hand, the supply and demand situation has improved, and the stability of the financial system has reduced the demand for safe-haven gold; on the other hand, the prospect of economic recovery has not driven the investment demand or physical demand for gold. Among all metals, gold prices have the worst performance. So, what are the factors that pushed the price of gold to soar and once again rushed to the $1,000 per ounce mark?

They know better than anyone that hPrecious metals trading softwareedge funds need to sell gold to raise funds to make up for foreign exchange investment losses. In Zhang Gang's view, speculative short selling of gold is their biggest source of profit. The price of COMEX gold futures in December has fallen by more than 4.5% in the past 48 hours.

However, experts remind that gold and silver coins are not suitable for all investors. Due to the long collection period, the value needs a long time to be reflected, which is more suitable for long-term investors. For short- and medium-term investors, gold and silver wealth management products such as paper gold and paper silver investment are more convenient and faster.

From a fundamental point of view, the CPI data landscape just mentioned seems to be good on the surface, triggering a high response of the euro in the first half of the period. However, it is not difficult to find out that transportation, communication, catering and other areas with greater flexibility are still negative. Therefore, under the current background of relative prosperity in Europe, it is absolutely necessary to remain vigilant about economic slowdown. At the same time, for the UK interest rate decision, although it has basically become the universal view of the market, it should be seen that the market seems to be gradually heating up, and the unanimous voice needs to become a consensus. Based on the above two news, we can see that non-US has a pattern of rising first and then falling, but the magnitude is not too large, so interference is more suitable for the theme of this trading day. The U.S. dollar did not change much on the day and recorded a relatively small increase. Despite the decline in gold, my personal view is that it is only one that has been disturbed, and the general pattern of the market has not changed.

The future development of the gold market depends on the following factors. The first is the rising uncertainty in the period of international monetary system and economic reforms, which will increase the world’s demand for gold; the second is the economic growth during the next two five-year plans. The development center of policy will shift from the wealth of the country to the equal wealth. Although it has become the world's largest gold consumer market, based on the above two basic factors, I believe that the gold market can achieve broader development prospects. Said Mei Xinyu, Honorary President and Chief Economist of Zhongxi Holdings.