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Sales of precious metals reported to the government

Sales of precious metals reported to the government

Gold prices have once again returned to near historical highs, and they are still king among many investment products. The strong price of gold has attracted the attention of many investors, but due to the relatively high risk of margin trading, many investors would rather choose paper gold and gold exchange spot gold trading at the current position. A careful comparison shows that, in addition to the physical gold that can be extracted fromSales of precious metals reported to the government spot gold, the advantages of paper gold in trading are obviously stronger than spot gold.

Bank of Beijing provides three trading channels: online banking, telephone banking, and counter. As a financial member of the gold exchange, it accepts individual clients' entrustment to act as an agent for physical gold trading, fund settlement and physical delivery on the gold exchange. . The bank's physical gold quotation is synchronized with the gold exchange system in real time, and the information is open. Customers can buy on the same day, sell on the same day, and implement T+0 trading and clearing.

Don't think that the price of gold has risen sharply in the past. In fact, the price of gold only increased by 20% compared to 1987 (after deducting the interest cost of 24 years). In the past two decades, if the interest rate increases by 1%, it means that the price of gold (after deduction of interest) has not risen, which is similar to the result of holding bonds. Commodity prices have seen a see-saw situation when QE2 was launched in November 2010. After QE2 ended on July 1 this year, the support for commodity prices was even worse. Unless QE3 appears in the second half of the year, the room for commodity prices to rise is very limited.

In terms of silver practice, Xie Mingjun suggests that investors with large capital and long-term investment can use silver bullion, silver coins, etc. as asset allocation. As each person’s financial situation, affordability, and asset allocation ratio are different, specific plans can be obtained from professionals. Financial advisory consulting. As for short-term investors such as Silver T+D, he believes that the precious metals market dropped in November 2011, and it has stabilized by Christmas last year, and there should be a rebound. Consider doing more.

Paper gold, as the name suggests, refers to the paper trading of gold. Paper gold is a kind of personal voucher gold. Investors buy and sell virtual gold on the book at the quoted price of the bank. Individuals can use the international gold price trend to buy low and sell high to earn the fluctuation difference in gold prices. Investors' transaction records are only reflected in the gold passbook account opened by the individual in advance, and no physical gold withdrawal or delivery occurs. In this way, the steps of transportation, storage, inspection, and identification of gold are omitted, and the difference between the buying price and the selling price of paper gold is smaller than the difference between buying and selling gold bars. Even for those who have not tried any gold or foreign exchange trading, it is relatively easy to get started, as long as they master some trading skills and pay attention to market developments, they can gain something.

The price of gold remains high, so many gold diggers who love beauty can only hope for gold to quench their thirst. Yesterday, the reporter learned from major merchants and pawn shops in Wuhan that recently some savvy buyers have found an alternative discount method—exchanging gold bars for jewelry, whicSales of precious metals reported to the governmenth can reduce the cost of buying gold by nearly 10%.